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Who Are We?

Contrary to popular belief, The Society is not a bunch of drunks. We prefer to be called Alcoholicly Proficient.

Actually, we are a largely unorganized group of individuals who simply enjoy beer. The whole idea came about after Founding Member Kelly reported on a place she had been to that had a ton of different kinds of beers. Founding Member and our first President, President Emeritus Rich W., thought that we should try it out. Hell, we could do this on a regular basis! So, on June 30, 1994, The Beer Ale Lager Lovers Society was born with Rich W. and current President, then V.P., Rich J. in attendance at Coppers Pub & Grill. Kelly and Founding Member and current V.P. Andy joined us for meeting number two, and the rest is history. Read about the Society's recent history in The Minutes.

To give you a visual aid as to who we are, check out the ideal Society Member's Refrigerator. Society Refrigerator

The Lite is there for structural support and Packer support only!

To know exactly what the Society is all about has been summed up in one phrase by Rudyard Kipling:

Payday came and with it beer.

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